Freitag, Juni 11

one week

oh, i've got a boyfriend, hihi, since one week! last friday was so great, 'cause we were in cinema, the light of silence .. i don't know, why it is callin' so! - but it's a really sad movie, and I admit it - i cried a little bit!
yes, at this friday we became in a new relationship, and i falled more in love with him, than before this date!!! :o :)
today we met again and it was the perfect one week meeting, i think :)
"there is the rubbish! " -
"they gonna keep you with them!" -
"okey, no i'm goin!" -
"no! --- do you still want to go?" -
yes, it was really good and i'm in a sooooo good mood, that's unbelievable!
yesterday i had written maths - exams, and it was better than expected! oh, i think this week is really good! :)

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