Dienstag, Mai 4

So, Munich isn't as pretty as i thought. yes, it was really nice, but i expected more than this, you know? so, today i wasn't at school, because i feeled very sick and yes.
Yesterday i was at the good, old, uncle doctor, and he said my ears are ill, so i have to use those eartears (? :D:D) -fuckidifuck.
what do you think about this as an header?

good, not good? i don't know, i'm gonna test it. Tonight i have to lot's of homework, i think.
Latinvocabs, geography, maybe nw? oh, that's not much, i think, ok, geography is a lot of work, he told us, that it takes 100 minutes! so, i should do that.
see you later, alligator!


  1. Ich finde den Header an sich ganz gut, wobei ich finde das obere Bild sieht noch schicker aus. Es passt besser. Vielleicht machst du das ja nur einzeln; aber es ist ja dein Blog! :)

  2. Ich fände eins von den Bildern al Header besser. Mit Paint oder so könnte man auf das 2. Bild ja noch Heartbreak drauf schreiben. Sieht bestimmt gut aus.


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