Donnerstag, April 8


I had realized that I'm not creative enough to took new pictures, I need ideas. Hm.
My day was great; I think. After I woke up I walked the stairways down into the kitchen and had a breakfast. Crossiante with marmelade. The most time I spent with my great sister, she was a little bit ill, but now she's "home" in Essen. Tomorrow she's going to sit in a flight to Dublin, for seeing her family from last year again. I was with her in REWE and ALDI and MUKK and bought some nice things like sweets and little surprises for the 3 irish children. After we came home I watched ONE TREE HILL, one of my new favorite series. When it ends, my dad brought me to footballpractise and it was really nice with my mäpfelchen mapi :D:D
Home again I took a shower, eat some of the dinner and watched GERMANY'S NEXT TOPMODEL.
All in all there wasn't so much to do today. I'm going to write some important letters to a friend of mine- that's all.

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