Donnerstag, Juli 15


This Holidays had a great begin.
In school we became our certificate and my average is 2,0 . I said goodbye to IMKE and HANNAH and ANTONIA - they'll go to america in/after the sommervacation.
Imke &Hannah are coming back in the Autumnholidays, but Toni primal in February. Sad.
At 1pm i went to canal in hiltrup, with katha; selina; sergej; georg and a little bit of simon;D:) it was really great there! "I've got hairs there!" - oh that wasn't nice for me:D - but for katha:D i think i was really red in this situation.
In the evening it started to rain - it was gruesome! Selina, Sergej & I ran to the train and get it. After sayin' goodbye, i went to the greek restaurant, for a holidaydinner, like every year.
oh i hate this rail replacement bus service. It's too long and the times are real shit!
Today i'm going to visit my uncle & aunt. OR i stay at home and do anything in town. ´But it's more realistic that i'm goin to visit my family.
are your holiday's great?

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